Ladue News honored nine local charities and non-profits at its annual Charity Awards event on Thursday, June 15 at the Palladium. Guests enjoyed live music, food and drink, as well as a special awards presentation and video. This year's winners are Alive, Inc., Nurses for Newborns and Colleg…

Melinda Ohlemiller can tell a lot of stories. She recounts numerous tales of heroic and lifesaving interventions that mirror plots on television medical dramas – except they’re real.

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments has helped thousands of people in the St. Louis area feel more alive and less afraid through free counseling, emergency sanctuary and other critical services.

Going to college may be a given for some students who have social and economic advantages, but thousands of bright young people don’t have a clear path to a college education. 

Rainbow Village's mission is to “enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities by providing safe, affordable and well-maintained neighborhood homes.”

Concordance is poised to become a national force in reducing reincarceration through a multipronged, integrated approach.

Learning doesn’t come easily for all children. That’s why the St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) helps kids learn, no matter how great the obstacles.

For St. Louis-area children who are undergoing treatment for or are survivors of cancer and blood-related diseases and disorders, Camp Rainbow makes the summer camp experience possible.

Since 1986, The Center for Head Injury Services (CHIS) has been helping people live and work independently despite life-altering brain injuries, autism and other disabilities.

No one can resist a cute little puppy or kitten, and that’s what we tend to think of when we hear about the Humane Society of Missouri.