Katie Collier of Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria is constantly working with her team to provide a unique and innovative dining experience to her customers, whether it’s in the restaurant or at home. Her team’s two latest ideas are tutorial videos and take-home pizza kits, both of which are generating excitement in the St. Louis dining community.

“We’ve created a series of ‘Made From Scratch’ video recipes,” Collier says. “We’re doing recipes from the restaurant, along with some that’s [off-menu]. The idea is to build a relationship with the community where I’m bringing fun recipes and fun experiences to families at home.”

Collier says these videos have been doing very well on social media, and they constantly get photos and comments of recipes people have tried at home after watching the videos. She says the feedback on the videos has been awesome, but there’s always room for improvement.

“In March, we’re going to launch a web series with episodes of me and a guest, like a local celebrity,” she says.

Collier envisions herself and the guest in the kitchen, learning a dish, and then sitting together afterward to talk about the food and their occupation.

“We really want people to check this out,” she says. “There’s been a lot of time and energy put into this idea.”

In keeping with the idea of building a relationship with customers not just in the restaurant, but in their homes, too, Collier’s team took on the idea of pizza kits.

“How can we take our restaurant into more homes? How can we get our concept and food to more people?” Collier recalls questioning. “We know from our experience that people really enjoy making pizza at home. There’s the ceremonial making of dough and getting the family together to pick toppings.”

So they decided they’d take that concept and send pizza kits out. Though they’re still in the early stages of making this a reality, Collier and her team feel as if it will be a success. Right now, they’re learning about dough and how it handles being shipped, along with gathering more information for the undertaking.

Collier launched the sign-up site on Feb. 15, and customers can fill out a survey about their pizza preferences.

“We’re going to randomly choose 250 people the first week of March to receive pizza kits for free,” she says. “In return, all we ask is for feedback from the people we send pizza to. We want to know what goes well and what doesn’t.”

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