Story: In 1938, 8-year-old Berry Gordy Jr. witnessed the thrill his parents experienced when American boxer Joe Louis defeated German fighter Max Schmeling in a heavyweight bout. Gordy Jr. was determined to bring happiness to others in a way much like he saw in his parents’ faces at news of …

The new app Pikazo playfully seeks to scramble how we regard art.

Story: In 1924 two brilliant young students from Chicago met at the University of Chicago and became fast friends. Nathan Leopold was not yet 20 but already had completed an undergraduate degree and was planning to enroll at Harvard Law School. Richard Loeb had been the University of Michiga…

The Rep caps this season with a rollicking rendition of this jukebox musical that recalls the first and only time four legendary pioneers of rock 'n' roll performed together, if only briefly. 

Story: Bobby is confused. His girlfriend Julie has left him and he has no clue as to why. If he thinks back to what he has said and done, perhaps there’s a reason or two along the way. But Bobby is a guy and he isn’t used to tuning into his sensitive side.

Story: Leonard Vole is an amiable enough chap, but he always seems to be looking for work. So, it appears to be his good fortune when he inherits the estate of an older woman, Emily French, whom he had befriended after a mishap befell Emily on a London street.

Karuna, a new beverage company in St. Louis, hopes to fuel healthier hydration.

Story: Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble (SATE) last weekend presented three new plays written and directed by female artists. The production included Deflowered by Erin Renee Roberts, Life Ever After by Alyssa Ward and The Music of the Goddess by Shualee Cook.

Story: The sixth annual Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBTQ Plays addressed the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning people. The festival was targeted to a diverse and mature audience.

Story: Jay “The Sport” Jackson dominates the boxing world in the early 20th century with both his prowess and charisma. He can whip anyone in the ring, and yet he is frustrated by his lack of opportunities. As a black man in Jim Crow America, his athletic superiority fuels anger and resentme…