Dick Erath, one of the early pioneers in Oregon wine country, purchased the first vineyard site in the Chehalem Mountains in 1968. 

As spring nears, nature once more comes alive, and Ready Readers has just the right books to ready your family to discover the season’s wonders.

Perhaps exceeded only by tattoo, jewelry arguably constitutes humanity’s most intimate physical embrace of art, as suggested by this month’s work from Carolyn Hasenfratz of Brentwood’s eponymous Carolyn Hasenfratz Design.

Muga – a third-generation winery in the Rioja region of northern Spain – has winemaking evidence dating back as far as 873, carried out by monks and monasteries there.

To readers of a certain myth-shadowed mind-set, the monoliths pictured here may well conjure Norse name Jörmungandr, which belongs to the world-girdling sea serpent instrumental in Ragnarök, the end of all existence.

With many cold weeks ahead, canny parents and other caregivers should anticipate lots of indoor time with children proclaiming boredom.

Through no particular apathy or antipathy, eco-friendliness and artistry, for most interlocutors, scarcely pair, perforce – yet such a pairing constitutes one of the manifold felicities of Jennie Hible’s work.

To keep the festive atmosphere at the forefront of your bustling holiday schedule, set aside special time with the young ones you love. 

A delicious playfulness suffuses the untitled central installation to Charles P. Reay’s latest exhibition at the Bruno David Gallery, “DADADADA.”

Just as St. Louisans are resetting all of their timepieces, Ready Readers recommends Calm-Down Time by Elizabeth Verdick with illustrations by Marieka Heinlen (a copy of which all of the program’s 2-year-olds and their teachers will receive).