The present, almost certainly, constitutes a bleak time for a visual artist to be following the creative lead of the Dadaists from a century ago, give or take.

Perhaps because of the horrifically schismatic times we now occupy, Scott Clark’s Come Find Me in Your Dreams, because of its chromatic and other details, may well prompt a first-glance metallurgical descent into simplistic dichotomy.

April showers bring May flowers, but sometimes those showers also bring cantankerous kids longing to play outside. So while you’re waiting for the sun to shine again, keep touchy tykes busy with books celebrating the rain. These stories, chosen to intrigue and enchant children of all ages, m…

At first glance, Wendy Wees’ Autumn Migration looks like something from the venerated, long-running Little Golden Books series for children – and then the outré intrudes.

Bedtime makes the perfect time to snuggle with your little one and a book, creating lasting memories of treasured moments that also help youngsters calm themselves and ready themselves for rest.