“For more than 70 years, Mosby has been a leader in the St. Louis remodeling industry,” client experience coordinator Noel Powers says. “We have everything our clients need from start-to-finish…Certified designers, an architect and qualified project managers, who all strive to give clients the truth upfront, allowing for a transparent, smooth remodeling process.”

As the client experience coordinator, Powers serves as a first point of contact for each customer. Recently, she kept one couple in the loop as designer Jill Worobec transformed their three-season room. “I ensure client expectations are met during the process, and that the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible for them,” she explains. “This project [seen pictured] started with installing drainage while working on the clients’ patio. The clients then decided to add a fireplace to their existing three-season room.”

Kristi of Clayton, the client in question, knew she could trust the change of plans to the capable team at Mosby. “Of course we called Mosby,” she says. “There were different aspects to this job that needed organization. We knew Mosby could figure it all out.”

Powers assisted the clients in determining the necessary steps to prep the space for every occupant in the house. “We’ve worked before on their kitchen and a couple of other projects with this client,” Powers shares. “The clients took into consideration the safety and care of their two dogs when adding a fireplace to the room by making sure the hearth was not too low to the ground.”

With the new addition, the clients’ three-season room was converted into an all-season space. “The renovations tie in really well with the original aesthetics of the home,” Powers notes. “The brick used in the fireplace was matched to the existing brick found in the room.”

Kristi and her husband were pleased with the results – and will continue to trust all future renovations to their favorite builders and designers. “Mosby is easy and meticulous when it comes to the planning and execution [of any project],” she says. “We’ve never had to worry about something being overlooked. Everything is done to the highest expectation.”

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