Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together for a festive dining experience, and local designers are sharing their imaginative tablescape tips to ensure your holiday dinner is filled with plenty of seasonality and style.

LN recently spoke with designers Karen Pepper Jacoby and Tricia Schulman, from revered family-owned Edwin Pepper Interiors design firm in Olivette; Patti Porter, of charming and sophisticated home décor shop Rusted Chandelier in Kirkwood; and Diane Fogerty, from stylish, upscale residential and commercial design firm Savvy Surrounding Style in Ladue.

Edwin Pepper Interiors’ traditional-themed tablescape reflects on family memories amid a fall harvest-inspired setting; Rusted Chandelier’s rustic table is straight out of a woodsy wonderland; and Savvy Surrounding Style’s modern, metallic tablescape is polished to perfection and features an extra helping of glam. Whatever your tastes, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration for your own grand Thanksgiving table setting.  


Traditional: Edwin Pepper Interiors

Family heirlooms in a fall harvestlike setting make for a meaningful, beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape, Pepper Jacoby says.

Amid a cream, gold and white color scheme with splashes of blue, burgundy and marigold, this table setting is layered with cherished memorabilia, from heirloom fine china and candlesticks to framed family photos. “Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things you’re thankful for,” Pepper Jacoby says. “To keep it personal, in front of each plate is a message about something you’re thankful for this year, such as family, faith and health.”

Schulman says it’s important to display varying heights on your holiday table, from tall flowers to tapered candles and layers of fabrics. One-foot-square Calcutta marble pieces were used in lieu of placemats, with dishware at each place setting. Custom napkins and ring holders as well as the fabrics used were fabricated in Edwin Pepper Interiors’ in-house workroom.

To set the holiday mood, Pepper Jacoby also advises adding accents that appeal to all of the senses and bring in the feel of the season, from adding fresh greenery and grapes in floral arrangements, to using leaves for nameplates and candles for a seasonal scent and intimate lighting.

A Thanksgiving table is more than a dining setting; it has sentiment to it, Pepper Jacoby says. “You want there to be really personal touches, such as family photos and a blending of family heirlooms from those who are not there and those who are,” she continues. “No two settings are alike, and we use some very valuable items along with items like leaves from our own yard for the nameplates. And we always incorporate peppers in our family tablescapes because of our last name. And even though it was my home, Tricia brought a lot to the table, as we would for any client – it was a true collaboration.”

Edwin Pepper Interiors, 1573 N. Warson Road, Olivette, 314-862-6330,

Product Listing:

  • Lenox china
  • Family heirloom dishware and flatware, Pepper Jacoby’s own
  • Waterford crystal and Steuben glass
  • Linen napkins, Pepper Jacoby’s own
  • 12- by 12-inch marble placemats
  • Fall leaf nameplates

All products available at Edwin Pepper Interiors. Please contact Edwin Pepper Interiors for pricing.


Rustic: Rusted Chandelier

With wooden accents, fall hues and dried foliage, this outdoorsy Thanksgiving tablescape takes inspiration from nature, Porter says.

Atop a 12-foot-long farm table, each setting is layered with a large wooden cutting board and leopard-print fabric to serve as the placemat, with a khaki-colored, black-trimmed charger and a blue-and-white plate, as well as adjacent pewter goblets, linen napkins and glass votives topped with pumpkins. The centerpiece boasts silk and dried foliage and seasonal florals, from pine branches and cones to bittersweet, all arranged in a wooden container.

Porter says the eclectic textures and patterns, along with seasonal foliage, give the table a rustic touch. “What I love to do this time of year is bring the outside in,” Porter says of the rich fall foliage color palette.

To achieve this type of rustic-inspired tablescape, it’s important to have a beautiful focal point and then surround it with layers of natural elements in the colors of the season, along with your fine china, Porter notes. “You’re bringing in the outdoors, and dressing it up with your china,” she says.

Rusted Chandelier, 118 N. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, 314-821-7881,

Product Listing:

  • Jaye’s charger, $35
  • Jaye’s cachpot, $15
  • Berry pick, $7
  • Blue and chine, $7
  • Round cutting board, $7
  • Gold wish bone, $10
  • Pumpkin, $5
  • Gold flatware, $6

All products available at Rusted Chandelier.


Modern/Glam: Savvy Surrounding Style

An elegant color palette of gold and white, velvet fabrics and metallic accents make for a luxurious Thanksgiving tablescape.

Fogerty says the modern glam aesthetic is timeless. “Glam style requires dimmed lighting with reflective surfaces,” she explains. “The shimmer of the gold accents and white blown-glass pumpkins will reflect candlelight and create a beautiful ambiance.”

Gold and white form a simple yet elegant color palette, Fogerty notes. “It creates a polished and refined table with a fashionable and modern feel,” she says. “The simplicity of the copper plates and cutlery add another metallic element, but do not distract from the centerpiece.”

Florals don’t have to be the central focus of the table, Fogerty explains. “I included florals in the room setting,” she says. “In doing this, you can set your table days in advance of [the] Thanksgiving meal.”

Layering different textures is also important, Fogerty says. “Luxurious fabrics heighten the look, with creamy white velvet pumpkins and crisp white linen napkins edged in gold beads,” she explains.

For Thanksgiving, Fogerty recommends using pieces that transition from fall into the Christmas holidays. “Gold is a great transitional color,” she notes. “And the velvet and glass pumpkins are great fall staples that can be easily incorporated into the Thanksgiving table.”

Savvy Surrounding Style, 9753 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314-432-7289,

Product Listing:

  • ROOST aura dinner plate, $34.50
  • Rosanna la cite rounded square appetizer dishes, set of 4, $63
  • ROOST square brass serving spoons, set of 4, $72
  • Michael Aram gold-beaded linen napkin, $25
  • ROOST curvo cocktail brass pitcher, $73.75
  • Two’s Co. white marble cheese board, $93.75
  • Creative Co-op acorn olive tray, $17.50
  • Creative Co-op small gold star votive, $8.75
  • Creative Co-op large gold star votive, $13.75
  • Creative Co-op gold shimmer bud vases, $6.25
  • ROOST brass cluster vase, $234.50
  • Creative Co-op small amber ombre hurricane, $35
  • Tozai large decorative gold sphere, $40
  • Tozai small decorative gold sphere, $30
  • Global Views decorative artichoke, $30
  • Plush Pumpkins velvet pumpkins, prices vary depending on size
  • Two’s Co. gold-and-white glass pumpkins, prices vary depending on size

All products available at Savvy Surrounding Style.

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