Wake up a slumbering winter landscape with small evergreens, decorative planters, and artificial and deciduous foliage.

The Chesterfield client came to Cori Dyer of Cure Design Group with a vision. 

Decorative screens can transform a fireplace into a major design asset, even when not in use.

Lauded St. Louis architect Bernard McMahon shaped everything from local residential neighborhoods to the Clayton skyline.

Sometimes referred to as living fossils, ginkgo trees are among the world’s oldest varieties and distinguished by their beautiful fan-shaped leaves. 

Alex Jordan wants to make sure you can finally check off the list your resolution of finally getting and keeping your house organized.

St. Louis Sash Corp. creates beautiful custom doors, windows, cabinetry and more – and restores and enhances these essentials in homes across the city.

New oil paintings and fabrics in riveting shades of turquoise and lagoon captivate the eye and the soul of the viewer. 

The three pieces here will add some Hong Kong flair to your abode.

St. Louis-based furniture startup Anew Nature brings artisan-made pieces to local coffee shops, restaurants and homes across the city.