St. Louis-based reality-television star Jessie Miller shares her latest projects.

From leisurely horseback riding to competitive polo matches and thoroughbred racing, St. Louisans love equestrian sports. 

Germany’s third-largest city, Munich, rests on the northern edge of the Alps along the Isar River.

St. Louis-based firm The Design Source Ltd. makes a dream master bath come true.

Sheepskin is the new darling of the design world – and for good reason. Use it to add an organic touch to streamlined modern interiors or to take formal traditional rooms down a notch.

St. Louis-based architectural designer Rocio Romero creates minimalist homes amid natural surroundings.

Looking for a fresh way to cool the house this month? Create a quiet, elegant interior swathed in understated neutrals.

As our climate changes to milder winters, many of our former annual plants are becoming marginally or reliably hardy.

Knollwood Lane handcrafts vintage-inspired home decor and gifts in Kirkwood.

Glittering metallic leathers and fabrics promise to add a festive note to interiors for the holiday season and all year long.