St. Louis wine connoisseurs and car collectors don’t need to look far for a place to properly store their collections. Offering secure facilities for the most discerning collector, Domaine Storage has five locations nationwide, including the St. Louis location in Grand Center. In addition to its signature wine storage, Domaine added automobile storage in mid-2015. Ladue News recently spoke with Marc Lazar, president of Domaine, about his company and what makes it unique to the St. Louis market.

What specific aspects of your storage system and environment are beneficial to wine collectors?

Our storage is highly redundant, with insulation, cooling and power backup. We have high security and procedures for inventory management. This assures that your wine ages in an ideal environment, and if you ever choose to sell, the market recognizes proper storage and pays a premium for well-stored wine. If you choose to drink your wines, the bottles have aged ideally and will deliver maximum enjoyment. We’re the market leader in wine storage and cut no corners to make sure our facilities are top of the line.

Tell us about your automobile storage.

We offer long- and short-term storage for collectible autos only. Many collectors do not have enough garage space at home or have multiple cars that they don’t drive often. These are ideal cars to store with us. We don’t accommodate boats or RVs, and most of the cars stored with us are highly valuable or likely to appreciate substantially in the future. Our auto space has the same security and redundancy as our wine vaults, with climate control and access specific to cars.

What aspects of Domaine’s auto storage are most important to your clients?

Aside from clean, secure and temperate space, our auto clients enjoy our lounge, community space, events, service partners and detailing.

How much wine and how many vehicles do you store?

Although we don’t disclose exact figures for security and discretionary purposes, we can say we have clients with thousands of cases of wine. But we have lockers that can hold as few as 18 cases for the beginning collector. Across our company locations, we hold well north of 1.5 million bottles of wine and are by far the largest network of private wine storage in the country. Auto storage starts with one vehicle, with discounts for five or more autos.

If someone is an amateur wine collector and only has a few bottles to store at home, what do you recommend as the best ways to store it?

The most important feature of any wine storage is consistency. Although 55°F is ideal, a space that holds a steady 60°F is better than one that fluctuates daily or seasonally. You want a dark, cool space that is free of vibration. If wine is being consumed in less than a year or so, consistency of temperature is the only factor that will really impact the enjoyment of that bottle. Small wine refrigerators are increasingly affordable – Costco, for example, has great smaller options.

What’s the most important thing you think LN readers should know about wine and/or vehicle storage?

Wherever you live or store, seek out storage vendors who have a track record and specialize in your collectible – we only store wine and cars, and our whole staff is dedicated to our very specific customer base. Self-storage facilities are everywhere, but your collectible will never be their focus. Think about the long-term plan for your collection: Paying a bit more for ideal storage is often a very small fractional expense relative to the value and appreciation of your collection. Also, insurance is critical. Make sure you hold or your storage vendor offers comprehensive insurance that covers all likely perils, including extremes of temperature, transport and a cushion for appreciation in value.

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