Satisfy your inner gypsy without having to leave your armchair – and we have the perfect one in mind. 

Every spring, garden catalogs brim with bright photographs of new and exciting plants – which themselves pose a problem.

When the client wanted help creating the perfect lakeside retreat for her family and friends, Diane Rosen stepped up to the mast.

Once relegated to midcentury sunrooms, tropical looks are making a comeback. 

Here are a few new black furnishings and accents that can be used to create dramatic focal points in your home.

What if your kitchen is the size of a small bedroom? That’s when you need to get creative with functionality, storage and design.

Patterns inspired by Rorschach inkblots and other abstract designs are surfacing throughout the home furnishings market.

When faced with a unique floor plan, Ellen Kurtz of Ellen Kurtz Interiors got to work making this living space in The Crescent Condos in Clayton a perfect space for her clients’ busy lifestyle.

What more does a girl need? Use these three pieces to create the basis for a stunning modern room with a distinctly feminine feel.

On a dreary, gray day, beclouded and chilly, the only brightness available to me comes from a heap of colorful new garden catalogs.