Rainwater is welcome when your backyard is outfitted with the latest trend in earth-friendly landscaping: rain gardens.

On the table or on a pedestal, these exuberant ladies are sure to spark a lively conversation at your next dinner party.

These three statement pieces, though, can relieve you of the need to jet more than 4,100 miles to bring a relaxing, Hawaiian ambiance to your home.

Don’t be fooled – as any homeowner can attest, houses are a lot of work. Luckily, Mosby Building Arts is passionate about the art of building and maintaining homes. Its exteriors division, Exteriors By Mosby, promises to carry the heavy load as you prepare your home for warmer seasons. “Beyo…

This sprawling manse entreats you to make a sanctuary out of its glorious landscape and rich architectural design, with walls of windows that allow light to shine brightly in during the day and like a beacon out into the night. 

Janet McAfee Real Estate has developed an iconic brand. Spanning four decades of achievement, the agency represents quality and professionalism at a next-level status. The local leader defines itself by its independence, remaining the largest independent luxury real estate firm in St. Louis.…

Flower arranging is easy thanks to Snapdragon Studio’s “flower bar” events.

Satisfy your inner gypsy without having to leave your armchair – and we have the perfect one in mind. 

Every spring, garden catalogs brim with bright photographs of new and exciting plants – which themselves pose a problem.

With a gorgeous brick-and-stone façade, the home itself captures attention. Add in the view, and you’re done for.